You are what you eat ?

Homework: reflect on the weekend of TT. 

This weekend I was introduced to the concept Ayurveda. I feel like this is major missing piece in my practice and  I have about a million questions lingering. I actually have no idea to start writing about it.

Traci Joy Burleigh, our teacher this last Friday, says this,  “Ayurveda translates as “science of life” and is a brilliant practice of medicine from India, primarily focused on diet and preventative care. It is the oldest living form of medicine in the world and is ultimately concerned with balance…of the self, the family, community, continent, world. Food, movement, wise action/speech/thoughts and dispelling stress are of primary importance. It is a medicine of the people. From an Ayurvedic perspective, our digestion must be strong and vital for health in the body and mind. Spirit thrives on good medicine too.”

Ayurveda seems  like a natural fit to someone with an unhappy body.

At the same time I am absolutely terrified of what this looks like for me. I think it is pretty out of my comfort zone to drastically  change the way I eat.  My battles with food, sensitivities,  imbalances and tummy trouble are telling me it’s necessary that I  rethink how I eat and make some big changes. Could the oldest living form of medicine be wrong ?

I grew up with pretty strict rules around eating, my mom was an amazing cook and very health focused around eating when I was young.  We were not allowed to have junk food, I was 5 or 6 when I tasted chocolate for the first time. We did not eat sugar, soda, fast food,etc.. Which I truly appreciate.  However, restriction has definitely lead to over indulgence.

In elementary school my friend Cheryl and I used to steal sugar from our parents cupboards and eat it on the way to school. Literally snack bags of sugar. While I am very appreciative of my mother’s efforts and grew up with a love of fruits veggies and non traditional foods, it has been my downfall in some ways.  I crave crap. Just like many other Americans, my battles with food and the way it makes me feel is ongoing. I almost married a desert chef and am pretty food obsessed.

I am enthralled at a science that holistically takes a look at all parts of the body, mind and spirit.

I had a mini intake with Traci,an ayurvedic practitioner and I am really interested to what she has to say and what changes she recommends.

I will report here after. Stay tuned…


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