valuing silence

I find myself moving slower through life these days. Moving gently and quietly. valuing silence  more that i ever have.

I know that is my practice of yoga is working.  I think there may even be ahimsa (non violence) in my movements.  I have found the solace and sanctuary of the practice and the quiet I find on the mat to be the life preserver I so desperately didn’t know I needed.

Me, a person who usually bangs through the day or whirls through places like a Tasmanian devil, has learned to tip toe more and move softly like a dull wind instead of a hurricane.

When did I become so noise sensitive ?

I think I have never been the same after 9-11, which happened in front of me. It was so quiet when that first plane took a tower. And then all I could here was wailing around me, my own cries, sirens, and  but still quiet shock and stillness as the radio spit out false information. We watched people leaping and falling from such great heights.   Heart breaking.

I have needed things quieter ever since, but my life now is filled with extreme noise.

I live in a house where a door slamming is often my wake up.  Gunshot, walls shaking, out of bed slamming of a door.  Morning movements by people who are maybe not as noise sensitive as I.

my other roommate is a master of ahimsa. (he moves like a ninja quiet), but he is a DJ and loves his music LOUD loud and listens to music in the shower blaring.

the band who practices in the basement every week, has me fleeing from the house every time they come . Now yelling my frustration when I come home relaxed from a chill yoga class and it is all out assault on my nerves

The leafblower-garbage truck-bang banging of the doors-meow meow meow MEOWing, has me shaking this morning.

is this… NYC living scar tissue ? Getting older ? Stress ? impatience ? PTSD? yoga quiet addiction ?

i’m ready to live with noise canceling headphones on.

How do you find your quiet ? How do you tune out the noise, which is inevitable ? How do you find your silence off the mat ?



One response to “valuing silence

  1. I actually live in the quietest house in the universe, and I can still relate to you need for quiet. I felt as you did for years after the Lima prieta earthquake here. Those disasters do leave an impression on our bodies whether the scars can be seen or not. Sounds like you have found the right practice to help you find comfort and maybe your own internal silence.

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